24 April 2009

Map of ignorance

Knowing our ignorance

A resource for thinking about what we know.

Test your new website in a variety of browsers

This is a very handy website for those who develop web pages. It allows you to test your new site in a wide range of different browsers - with one click!

Evaluating web sources

Evaluating web pages: Techniques to apply and questions to ask

From UC Berkeley. Very useful if your students use web sources for their academic writing.

Beth Kanter's interview with a digital native about blogging

Academic literacy resource

University of New England academic literacy resource

For BEd students but potentially useful for others. Topics include paragraphs, essay writing, critical reflection, referencing, writing conventions, editing and proofreading, oral presentations, effective notemaking and active reading.


iReflect at Leeds University

For those interested in the use of digital approaches and new technologies to support reflective learning in Higher Education. The site includes links to practical resources for students, tutor resources on how digital media can support reflection, current projects and a community forum. Featured project is JISC's Reflect 2.0 on digital storytelling.

IT Literacy Learning Resources

University of Auckland CAD IT Literacy Learning Resources

On-line tutorials and help for MS Office 2003 and 2007, Open Office, Macs, touch typing, scanning and more

23 April 2009

Teaching portfolios

University of Auckland Centre for Academic Development

This site provides a rationale for advocating the use of teaching portfolios, and advice on writing a teaching philosophy, providing evidence of effective university teaching, preparing a teaching portfolio for a teaching excellence award, creating and naintaining an eportfolio and current practice in their use with students.