11 May 2009

Mark Nichols' e-Ako blog


"Teaching and learning information of specific interest to adult education and the application of technology to adult education."

Also "This blog provides updates and further reflection in support of the E-primer series, scholarly monographs authored to provide an orientation to e-learning."

Mark Nichols' e-primer

This E-Primer series places e-learning in a context of learning theory, institutional development, and instructional design. It examines the role of faculty, good practice in hybrid course design, and the dynamics of online discussion -- and places all of these in a coherent context, drawing from refereed sources and 7 years of dedicated experience.

The series of E-Primers to date includes:

#1 - E-learning in context - An introduction to e-learning and the international experience; definitions of terms; a theory for e-learning; technologies; benefits

#2 - E-education and faculty - Education theory and e-learning; the changing role of faculty; workload issues; quality

#3 - Designing for e-learning - Instructional design; learning objects; constructing a hybrid course

Just completed is ePrimer #4 - Online discourse; Synchronous and asynchronous communications; designing online discourse; online facilitation.

Currently being written is - #5 - E-xtending possibilities Web 2.0; ePortfolios; virtual worlds; lifelong learning."

01 May 2009


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