23 June 2009

Educating the Net Generation

Educating the net generation

The 'Net Generation' or 'Digital Natives', born roughly 1980-94, have been characterised by their familiarity with and reliance on information and communication technologies. Many argue that the digital culture in which the Net Generation has grown up has influenced their preferences and skills in a number of key areas related to education. How well are Universities and their staff equipped to meet the needs of these students?

This project has:
  • investigated how commencing first year students and their teachers use traditional and emerging technology-based tools in their everyday lives and to support student learning
  • drawn on the expertise of teachers and the results of this investigation to develop and implement pedagogically sound, technology-based tools to enhance student learning in local learning environments

The outcomes are:

The Handbook: practice and policy guidelines developed from the project findings.

Educating the Net Generation: Tools and resources including research instruments that can be adapted and reused to investigate student and staff use of new technologies, and for planning and evaluating implementations of new technology-based activities in higher education.

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