04 June 2009

JISC Infonet

Infokit on social software for education

In 1989 one of the main objectives of the WWW was to be a space in which anyone could be creative, to which anyone could contribute.
(Tim Berners Lee, 2005)

Unfortunately, although the web became an excellent repository of information, it became a place where only technically adept users and organisations would author content. The arrival of new services (often referred to as 'Web 2.0') has helped to remove many of the barriers preventing users from participating. Thanks to this wave of new services we have seen a massive rise in the uptake of web authoring and collaboration. The term this new wave of social activity has been given varies i.e. Social Software, Social Media and Social Computing. The key word is 'Social'! ...

This infokit explains about social software, illustrated with real-life examples, and outlining potential uses for learning and teaching, research and business and community engagement. It also aims to highlight the key issues which those working across the sector may need to consider when implementing such technologies, and to provide pointers for successful use."

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