25 September 2009

IRRODL Book Reviews

Online Communication in Language Learning and Teaching and Telecollaborative Language Learning

This review, from Vol 10, Issue 4 (2009) of IRRODL is of two books which may be of great interest to language teachers: Marie-Noëlle Lamy and Regine Hampel (2007). Online Communication in Language Learning and Teaching. New York: Palgrave Macmillan. ISBN 978-0230-00127-5 and Melinda Dooly (2008). Telecollaborative Language Learning. Bern: Peter Lang Publishing Group. ISBN 978-3-03911-523-5

"Both books focus on the communication aspects of language learning/teaching from two complementary perspectives and relate the development of communication skills to the fostering of intercultural competence. Lamy and Hampel are interested in computer-mediated communication (CMC) and have chosen to discuss it in the context of language learning (CMCL). Dooly et al. produced their work as a “guidebook moderating intercultural collaboration online” based on an innovative project they conducted."

24 September 2009

Spaces for learning

Architects of Group Genius

"We don’t design buildings, we design processes, environments and events that accelerate innovation and change, foster learning and collaboration and help organizations and communities find new solutions and inspiration to Change The(ir) World.

Innovation, Change, Learning and Collaboration, and the blurred boundaries between them, underlie all the work we do, our practice, our research, and our thinking.
We believe that new solutions and renewed inspiration are best found through a unique process of co-design.

For every mission, for every organization we work with, we design a whole new process that enables participants to learn about the problem at hand, explore possibilities, understand the thinking of others, and engage in a non-linear process of designing a new powerful solution together."